Board of Trustees

The Starke County Public Library is governed by a seven member Board of Trustees appointed by various agencies. Each trustee serves a four year term. Each trustee may be reappointed three times. The composition of the board is as follows:

  • Two members are appointed by the County Commissioners
  • Two members are appointed by the County Council
  • Two members are appointed by the Knox Community School Board
  • One member is appointed by the Culver, North Judson-San Pierre, and Oregon-Davis School Boards
Name Current
Appointed by
Beth Lawrence (President) 12/31/18 Joint School Boards
Kim Gingher (Vice President) 12/31/18 Knox School Board
Judy Troike (Treasurer) 12/31/17 County Commissioners
Ruth Bailey (Secretary) 12/31/17 Knox School Board
Melba Shilling (Member) 12/31/20 County Commissioners
Gayle Smith (Member) 12/31/20 County Council
Jennifer Borman(Member) 12/31/18 County Council